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2018-2019 Travel Teams will be ordering travel warmups through Pure Hockey again this year. A link to our specific 
store is below:

In addition to the warmups we are offering embroidered pant shells as well, with the logo on one leg, and the player’s number on the other.  Pant shells are not mandatory, but individual travel teams can decide if they want all of their players to have them for the season.

EDIT:  We've received further clarification from Pure Hockey on the pant shells:

Even though the pant shells are currently listed as "Youth" on the site, they follow the "Junior" pant sizes, as CCM doesn't make Youth sizes in the shells .  The smallest  shell will be Junior Small.  Base on the CCM Pant sizing chart, that would be a waist of 22-24", for a height of between 4'0" and 4'6".  

Please use the following chart to measure your current pants and pick the correct size for the pant shells if you are ordering them:

Prices shown reflect bulk pricing on the suits and shells, and include embroidery of:
- Binghamton Devils logo on the left chest of the jackets
- Player/Coach last name on the sleeve of the jackets
- Player number on pant leg

- Binghamton Devils logo on one shell leg, and player number on the other shell leg

Orders will be placed online individually by each player/family if they wish to order a warm-up/ and/or shell for this season. Full payment will be taken online at the time of order. Orders will ship directly to the player/family. Delivery would be expected in mid-August. 

The online store will be open until THURSDAY JULY 19th.  Please make sure your order is placed by then, as the store will not be re-opened.   

Any questions, please let Chris Behonick ( or STHA Equipment Director Tim Smith ( know.  

Info on size measurements for the warmup suits can be found here:

Youth Apparel

Men's Apparel 



Please follow this link to register:

Player age groups and fees have been posted, and can be located here.  

All general registration questions should be directed to the Registrar, Chris Behonick.

Registration is a 2-Phase Process.

                       1) USA Hockey Registration

                       2) STHA Registration

For registration instructions click here.

Payments can be made Online using a Credit/Debit Card

(VISA, MasterCard, Discover) or with a Electronic Check Payment,

or by mailing a Personal Check or Money Order to

STHA, PO Box 2765, Binghamton, NY 13902

or via Paypal at

The "remaining balances" for the travel teams take into account the $300.00 travel deposits that were previously paid.

A late fee of $25 shall be assessed for any registrations accepted after August 31st.  

 Please ensure all base payments are made by August 31st, 2018 (No invoices will be provided).

For any questions regarding payments please contact Beth Patrick.


By CB 07/09/2018, 3:45pm EDT

Below is the expected structure of the STHA House Program for the 2018-2019 season.  Some elements may be adjusted based on registration numbers, but the general structure is expected to remain. 

Registration for the season should be open in the next few days. 

8U House - will continue to follow the USA Hockey ADM module of Red, White, and Blue divisions based on age and skill level.

  • All 2010 through 2014 birth year will register for this division at a base cost of $400
  • 8U Red and 8U White will receive more ice time with an increase in the number of games that will be scheduled
  • If your child is assigned to the Red division you will be invoiced an additional $65
  • If your child is assigned to the White division you will be invoiced an additional $30
  • Evaluations will be held in September to assign players to the appropriate divisions
  • All divisions will play at the Binghamton Pond Fest outdoor youth weekend, Jan 12-13th, 2019


9-12U House

  • For players in the 2006-2009 birth years who want to stay local to play
  • Season expected to consist of 36 half ice practices, 14 games,  and playoffs
  • Teams will play at the Binghamton Pond fest outdoor youth weekend, Jan 12-13, 2019
  • A 10U Select team will be formed if there are enough interested players for 2008 & 2009 birth year players


12U Snowbelt

  • For players in the 2006 & 2007 birth years who want to play a full Snowbelt schedule (with travel)
  • Expect 2 teams (dependent on number of players who tryout; will be “A” and “B” teams, i.e. skill level not split evenly between teams)
  • Expectation will be to play:
    • 8 home & 8 away Snowbelt games
    • 2 additional home & 2-6 additional away games
    • Snowbelt End of Season Tournament
    • 1 in-season Away Tournament (covered through team fundraising)
    • 1 in-season Home Tournament (in the event a Home tournament does not take place, team may opt for a second tournament, covered by team fundraising)
  • Teams will play at the Binghamton Pond fest outdoor youth weekend, Jan 12-13, 2019


16U House

  • For players in the 2002-2005 birth years who want to stay local to play
  • Season expected to consist of 18 half ice practices, 15-20 games, playoffs (mix of practice hours and game can be revised based upon coach preference)
  • Teams will play at the Binghamton Pond fest outdoor youth weekend, Jan 12-13, 2019


Please contact STHA VP of  House Operations, Vinny Polacek ( with any questions. 


By CB 07/04/2018, 12:45pm EDT

Former AHL and ECHL player Mike Radja will be bringing his 6-session SpeedSkills Series to Binghamton on Wednesdays nights at the Ice House Sports Complex! 


July 18 & 25. August 1, 8, 15, & 22


2007-2009 birth years - 5:00-6:15pm

2003-2006 birth years - 7:45-9:00pm

Cost:  $250

To register, please visit:

For more information on Mike and his development philosphy, please visit:


The July Regular Meeting of the STHA Board of Directors will be held Monday, July 16th, 2018 at 7pm at the Relief Pitcher in Binghamton. 

Please attend and help support youth hockey in the Southern Tier!


By CB 06/10/2018, 3:45pm EDT

The Ice House Sports Complex is currently taking registrations for the 2018 Summer Friday Night Youth Hockey League.
There will be 2 age groups and teams will be assembled so that there are no stacked teams or too many young kids playing against too many older kids.
The age groups will be 6-12 and 13-18
The game times will be 5:30, 6:45, 8:00 and 9:15
First week of play will be July 13 and the league will run 9 weeks.

Cost this year is $125 per player and that includes a jersey.
We do need coaches. Parents who are willing to coach a team will pay a reduced price of $65. First come first serve
If you are interested in signing your child up, please email Mike Rogers at, and provide the player name, age, jersey size, parent email, phone number and if you are interested in coaching.
Any questions, let me know.
Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all again this summer.


By CB 06/10/2018, 3:30pm EDT

Jordan Pietrus will be running several hockey camps out of The RInk in Lansing, NY this summer.  Information on the camps can be found in this flyer.

Below is some information on the camps and their approach to hockey training:

This year Pietrus Hockey is taking skill development to a whole new level!  Stick with us and read through this entire email, you won't be disappointed! 

We genuinely believe that to bring out the best in every child, to develop the "complete player", we need to address them as a whole: the body (physical training), the mind (mental training) and the connection between the brain and the body (an area almost completely disregarded until recently).  We also believe that by developing these three areas, we are not just developing hockey players, but developing people.  As such, we believe that many of the results we see on the ice will spill over into life off the ice, in the classroom at school and at home with the family.  Sport is a vehicle in which we can shape the youth of the future by teaching essential skills like teamwork, work ethic, attitude, perseverance, and integrity. 

The BIG THREE we will train this year...

THE BODY - This year we are going to push & challenge each child to get outside of their comfort zone, with 3 intense hours of skating and skills each day.  Technical instruction with competitive reps, each child is going to be challenged to get outside their comfort zone where real growth happens.  That "growth zone" is the area we are aiming for every time we hit the ice, and the coaches are going to challenge each child to get into that "growth zone."    

THE MIND - This year each clinic will include off-ice work to give every child the knowledge and power to take their mental game to the next level.  We will do this through a 30-minute classroom session that will include lectures and exercises that apply topics important to the mental side of sports: goal setting, mindset, visualization, self-talk and more.   

THE BRAIN-BODY CONNECTION - This year registrants have the opportunity to be exposed to rare training unseen to many athletes in the world. Pietrus Hockey has partnered with Zing Performance to create the best and most complete training program in the world.  That's right, the world!  Great minds and high-performance bodies can be ineffective IF they are not communicating properly, thus making one unable to perform to their full potential.  By improving the connection between the brain and the body, we can unlock the "hidden" or "dormant" potential we know is in our children.  This will enable each child to literally accelerate their ability to learn new skills, not only on the ice but in all other areas of their lives as well!  Each registrant will have the opportunity to take the 30-45 minutes Insight test at home to assess brain skills & coordination.  Immediate feedback will be given on your computer, and if you choose, a 30-minute consultation to review the results is available at a time of your choosing.  During clinics, we will guide each child through their personalized exercises assigned through the withZing app in 10 minutes half an hour before each clinic, and immediately following the classroom lectures (2 times/day).  Should you choose to continue withZing, your child will confidently know how to continue the program after the clinics are over. *note each player will need a smartphone or tablet to do these exercises.* To complete the full 6 months withZingprogram there is an additional cost, but each child will have the opportunity to get the program for free during all Pietrus Hockey clinics as well as get the full program at a discounted price if they choose to continue.  This is an exclusive offer only to Pietrus Hockey clinic registrants. Pietrus Hockey has partnered withZing because we genuinely believe that training withZing is an essential part of the process of changing the lives and futures of children in upstate NY and all over the world.  We are excited about this cutting-edge science, but like anything else in life, it will take effort and commitment to fully develop the brain-body connection using the full 6-month withZing program.  

Special note for parents eyes only!!! *many parents of children who have completed withZing have noted some of the following positive changes in their children: improved listening & reading skills, improved emotional control, increased confidence, decreased shyness, and improvements in other sports and/or creative arts"

This link is a short 2-minute video for your information that will explain Zing briefly in some more depth.  Or check out the website

Dates and times for this year's clinic are listed in the flyer attached!  Please email us at to reserve your spot in one of this summer's clinics at The Rink in Lansing, NY!  We are committed to providing high-quality coaching to accelerate skill development and help each child on the journey in reaching their potential not just in sports but in life! Space is limited for each session so that optimal player to coach ratios can be maintained.  If you have any questions at all please let us know! 

Please share this email with anyone you feel would be interested in helping their child accelerate their skill development this summer! Just make sure they let us know you sent them our way! 

Thank you so much for trusting us with your child's skill development! 

-The Pietrus Hockey Team 

The June Regular Meeting of the STHA Board of Directors will be held Monday, June 25th, 2018 at 7pm at the Relief Pitcher in Binghamton. 

Please attend and help support youth hockey in the Southern Tier!


By CB 05/30/2018, 9:30am EDT

Congratulations to the following members elected at the annual board meeting on May 29, 2018:

Jeff Dubrava (3-year term)

Piero Lisio (3-year term)

Scott McHugh (3-year term)

Rob Mulesky (3-year term)

Joe Augostini (2-year term)

Allan Cataldi (1-year term)

Tim Smith (1-year term)

Thank you to outgoing board members Tony Pittarelli, Dan Smith, Kevin Calabrese, and Pat Basile for your time and dedication over your terms of service to the STHA.

The STHA will be holding jersey-sizing sessions for 2018-2019 Jr. Devils travel players at the Ice House Sports Complex on the following dates/times:

  • Wednesday May 30th, 6-8pm
  • Friday, June 1, 6-8pm


All rostered 2018-2019 travel players should attend one of the sessions to provide your jersey and sock size for the upcoming season. Players should bring their shoulder pads / goalie chest protectors to the sizing session. 

The STHA's policy on travel jerseys is below:

Every player shall wear the prevailing STHA Travel Jerseys. A travel team represents the STHA, the Binghamton area, and the Binghamton Devils and, therefore a neat, clean, and orderly appearance is expected.

The Jr. Devils travel jerseys will remain unchanged from last season. To keep in line with the STHA's policy regarding travel jerseys and the need for a neat, clean, and orderly appearance, the STHA recommends players order new jerseys for the season.

If a player chooses to not order new jerseys this season, they must:

  • ensure that their current jerseys will both fit them and remain in a condition worthy to meet the policy statement above through the end of the 2018-2019 season, in March of 2019.
  • provide their needed sock size for the sock order.Available lengths are 21” (youth), 25” (intermediate), and 30” (adult). That information, along with your current jersey number can be provided to the email address below.


Players may be required to order new jerseys if a number conflict arises.  Travel team head coaches will be responsible for resolving all number disputes prior to the jersey order being placed.  We will work with your team coach to determine if there is a jersey number conflict, and those affected will be notified if they must order new jerseys prior to the initial order being placed.

Any jerseys ordered after the initial order placement (the first week of June) will be considered add-ons, and the player will be responsible for the higher cost. 

Please contact Chris Behonick ( with any questions.